Breath Coaching

Breath Coach

Most of us breath shallowly, rapidly and through our mouths and breath coaching is learning to breath correctly. Breath work is the manipulation of CO2 in a natural way to make it work for your body and minds advantage. The skills you learn will help you release old habits, limits and emotions stored in your body. Its is a self-healing technique that will enable you to feel lighter, more present and more confident to make changes in your life.


Breathing Meditation

What to expect

Breath coaching is a safe and natural way to help you to sleep better, improve digestion, boost energy and relieve stress. Breath coaching is on a 1-1 basis and tailored to your needs after a discovery call. The courses are over 4 weeks for a half hour.  You receive reminders to practice that weeks breath plus access to my YouTube channel for extra support. You will learn 4-6 breathing techniques to use at different points in the day.

You will have some initial simple breath tests that will be redone each week to record progress. Review of the weeks practice and a new breath to learn.  You will also gain an understanding of the nervous system, stress response, sleep quality and energy  and how to take control of it with this completely natural approach.


  • Better sleep

  • Improved digestion

  • Reduces tress

  • Boost energy levels