Hypnobirthing is a way of birthing that uses self hypnosis, relaxation techniques plus specific breathing exercises. This will empower you to have a calm birth and remove fear in relation to the pregnancy and birth. It gives you support, skills, information and confidence to have a positive birth.

The techniques used for hypnobirthing range from calm breathing to guided visualisations. You will learn deep relaxation skills that you can practice, affirmations that you can pin up around the home too.  You will have audios to listen to which will help you relax during pregnancy and birthing. The course will guide you through all the different stages of birth and give support. You will learn to be in control of your birth and trust your body.


The Benefits of Hypnobirthing

-Reduce pain

-more positive birth experience

- more positive birth experience

-less fear and tension

-calmer birth 

-can reduce the length of time in stages of birth

-reduction in the need for pain relief 

Mother and Baby

The Science Bit

Hypnobirthing starts from an understanding of the anatomy and physiological processes involved in birth. I use the SIMPLE hypnobirthing method and it is all about cultivating the Big 3.

Endorphins- body's natural pain killer

Oxytocin- the birth hormone

Oxygen the fuel of the uterus.

Hypnobirthing is about training the brain to relax during pregnancy and childbirth. It combines the practical with the philosophical. As much as possible we want to reduce the fear/stress response and activate the parasympathetic nervous system or the calm rest and digest response. The SIMPLE system is about having belief in your body, your baby, medical systems, in your hypnobirthing practice, in your breathing techniques, in you active birth movements, in your birth partner and the belief that you can do this. Not only can you do this but you can even enjoy it.

We look at the uterus, and how the various uterine muscles work together, to enable birth to happen. I teach various breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that facilitate theses muscles to work efficiently and comfortably.

    The focus on relaxation is based around the autonomic nervous system is composed of 2 parts. These are the the Sympathetic nervous system and the Parasympathetic nervous system. We focus on keeping in the parasympathetic part of our nervous system so that oxygen, oxytocin and endorphins keep flowing.

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    Why Hypnobirthing Is For You

    • Helps ease stress during pregnancy

    • Assists with reducing fears around the birthing process

    • Gives you knowledge of the birthing process

    • The Skills you and your birthing partner develop create a great start for you and baby

    • The mindfulness exercises you learn will support you with emotions and feelings during this time and beyond

    • Hypnobirthing is a mindset that encompasses a deep belief that your birth will be simple wherever your birth journey goes

    • Increases your birth partners role allowing them to fully support you

    • Prepares you with a mixture of skills to allow a calm birth

    • Encourages you to be intune with your body and teaches trust your body

    • You will feel empowered to birth with confidence and calm excitement

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    Helpful Information

    Who is hypnobirthing suitable for?

    Hypnobirthing is suitable for first time mums and mums who’ve had kids before.
    We help women who are scared of birth because it's their first baby, or those who are anxious because of birth trauma from a previous birth. Hypnobirthing can be great for reducing stress and anxiety during labour. If you want a calmer, easier, more natural birth experience then try hypnobirthing.
    So if you’re pregnant, and looking for an alternative to the over-medicalised, birth pain is a given, mindset, then hypnobirthing is for you.

    Will I be ‘out of it’ if I use hypnobirthing?

    No, not at all. When using hypnobirthing techniques you are aware of what is going on around you but you can just ‘zone out’ to the distractions around you. You are in your safe and calm space that you create through breathing exercises and visualisations.

    What happens in a hypnobirthing class?

    You will learn practical skills of self-hypnosis as well as antenatal information. There is always a practice and discussion so that you can get the most out of the class and this includes partners. I encourage an interactive class where you can speak out and ask any questions.
    The class will last approximately 3 hours and you will receive handouts and homework. Don’t worry though – your homework is largely listening to lovely, relaxing audios!