What We Offer

Press Pause offers a range of services to increase your well being in different  ways. Whether you want to experience mindfulness, meditation, increase or gain flexibility, learn breathing techniques to reduce stress, improve digestion or find your get up and go, or our most recent addition book a hypnobirthing course.



Arrange for a personal one to one service in which we can focus on your unique needs.

Seniors Laughing

Groups and Classes

Join one of Press Pauses groups. Each session focuses on a particular area of mindfulness. Allowing you to find tranquillity while in the comfort of others.

Organisations and Corporate

Press Pause can tailor a singular workshop or repeat sessions depending on your needs. Mindfulness in the workplace improves employee wellbeing, creating higher employee engagement, lower stress levels and increased focus.


Schools and Youth Work

Mindfulness can help children to focus on the now and calm their anxieties. It is a skill once learnt that can help with exam stress and everyday pressure.

Children Meditating