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Confidence is everything!

Okay so it might not be the best picture of me but it is one I am very proud of. This is the start of my trapeze training journey. It has already transformed my flexibility. I can hang upside down now and my back truly feels the benefit of this in just a short space of time. It is so effective and fast in the results. I know I can hear you saying " I won't be able to go upside down and I can certainly not even balance in that thing!" Believe me I thought the same too. I was nervous plus suffer with vertigo, nearly 60 years old and no lightweight. BUT I have discovered I can do things I thought were impossible, It is never too late to try something new. Now signed up and already going through lectures to prepare myself. Apart from flexibility gains the other big gain is fun!! Keep watching to see when I gain my teaching qualification and classes begin. I can't wait!

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