Get to Know Me

I'm Francine, the founder of Press Pause. I discovered mindfulness in 2017 and have gradually worked towards becoming a qualified practitioner.  My degree in psychology and sociology has given me a great base to build upon. I have worked in a variety of environments over the years, including several years as a counsellor and advocate. The focus of all my personal and professional goals has always been to help people. Help them be the best they be.

After discovering mindfulness, it has become an essential part of my every day and has truly helped me overcome many obstacles in life. I have several diplomas in mindfulness, meditation and life coaching. I plan to expand upon these to create an even wider knowledge for myself and to deliver more services to those who need it.

Mindfulness has allowed me to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of living in the moment. It has taught me better ways to manage my life and all the stresses that it can bring, to enjoy fully the beautiful moments.  I am so excited to be able to share with you the effect that mindfulness can have in your life.

Outdoor Meditation