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Our mindfulness advent calendars are literally flying out of the door!

I love Christmas and everything that goes with it but this year I decided to be more mindful in my approach to it hence these advent calendars. I enjoy the run up to Christmas, the excitement, anticipation, preparation and the fun but I also feel that sometimes all this preparation can become tiring and stressful. It takes some of the joy from a wonderful time of the year. So try our mindful advent calendars to bring a little difference on your build up to Christmas.

The little pot of mindfulness contains an affirmation, mindful activity or something fun for each day of advent plus a small candle to light on Christmas day or eve which ever you prefer. Also comes with a gift voucher for a 30 minutes on line session of gravity yoga, mindfulness, meditation or breath work. The choice is yours! make advent different this year, make it a mindful one.

£7.99 includes postage for UK

Contact to order.

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