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My latest mindfulness client asked if he could bottle the feeling for whenever it was needed. It is so great to hear that people are feeling the benefits of breath work, mindfulness. It takes just a few moments each day to practice and you can incorporate mindfulness into your working day. Take a few moments whilst the kettle is boiling. Listen to the water as you fill the kettle, hear it boiling, see the team, focus on the water pouring int the cup and sploshing onto the teabag. Hear the milk splash into the tea, hear the teaspoon as you stir the cup. Really give it all your attention, focus, as if you have never made tea before and see how different it feels. Then take time to savour your tea, take a few moments to breathe and enjoy.

Contact Press Pause for any information as happy to chat at any time. Have a great day and enjoy your cuppa!

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