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Self care work book out now!

Self care is often something we neglect until we realise we can't run on empty. I especially feel it to be true, working, running a company, looking after grandchildren, keeping home and family together and happy. Where is the time for me is frequently the cry I hear from myself and others. I think especially in the last couple of years and now in current times it is so stressful and difficult to prioritise ones own needs. It can be so hard at times to say no to someone and take a little time for yourself. So I have developed this 30 plus page ultimate self care workbook to enable us to find that moment to look after our own well being. You can take 7 days to work through it or longer and re use it any time you need to do so. Full of questions to challenge and motivate you, information all to compliment the self care month of March on Facebook page Press Pause @presspuasuemidfulnessuk. Plus it includes an on line mindfulness meditation. Do email for details and let me know how it goes.

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