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Teens Mindfulness Pack.

Teen years can be so confusing, a swirl of emotions, hormones and so many changes mentally and physically. Having had three girls and gone through those turbulent times I thought wouldn't it be great to have something to support those times? Something they can use and help support their mental health and well-being. So I prepared this pack for that precise reason.

It contains a great little book to support well- being, mindfulness colouring pad, pencils, bath bomb and pure Epsom salts bath crystals to relax in, affirmation cards, face mask and if all fails some chocolate all presented in a small, green, butterfly covered suitcase. It could be re used for decorative purposes.

I think is is a great tittle set and certainly my daughters have all said they would have loved something like that in those years.

Order now in time for Christmas.

£25 and includes postage in UK.

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