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Will you join us? 25th July.

My home practice looks like 40 minutes workout, 30 minutes gravity yoga with trapeze yoga, and rounded off with 20 minutes meditation on the perfect day. I do a mix this of on different days. My students often think it’s fancy and a really long practice everyday and all day. Some days I take a walk instead of the workout or just roll out my mat and meditate to restore my balance.

Your practice will change with the seasons of your life and give yourself permission to allow this to happen. Do you practice at home too? I am inviting you to five days of free short meditation practices on our face book page. It will be recorded and put up each day so you can dip in and out at your convenience and there will be a variety for you to choose from. Try it with a friend for support and encouragement. 5 days- you can do this! Feel the difference.

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