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How did you sleep last night?

So I am really excited to being to explore sleep this coming fortnight in Stress Less group in Press Pause Facebook page. I think we all want to sleep better but what does that mean and what does it look like for you? For me it means staying asleep as I wake so frequently and then sometimes struggle to get back to sleep. I practice my mindfulness and breathing which is a massive help but who knew the impact of hormones on our sleep, the impact of shift work or even how lack of sleep can affect our weight. I have been reading a fantastic book by Stella Lichot, Sleep it Off, which covers many of these areas and it has really helped me dive into sleep more fully. So join me this fortnight to see if we can improve our sleep, stay asleep, have better quality sleep and feel brighter when we wake up. Let's see if we can sleep like the proverbial baby.

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