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I have been thinking lately about how exhausted at times during this year. It has been a hard year in so many ways covid, loss of a friend, constantly battling at work to keep everything going and trying to keep a balance in my life. A massive juggling act. I have realised that you can only do so much and that you need a break, self care and time to be alone too. I am not super woman and nobody expects me to be that except myself sadly. It is hard sometimes to accept we are only human and that we can't make everyone happy, can't meet everyone's needs and certainly can't run on empty. I felt the diagram below was really spot on.

I have recently invested more into meditation and yoga to regain a little more balance and focus whilst also getting into a routine of early morning exercise too. I have found it has been a huge support to me and enabled me to relax more. Combined with my breathing and mindfulness I have regained that balance. We all have to listen to our minds and body at times and take care of it as it needs. As a mile minute person it has been a learning curve but what I have found is that I actually get more done if I take time to look after myself. The diagram above perfectly illustrates the problems we face and how easy it is to spiral down, and down. So take some time to breath, meditate, be mindful and exercise. I know it is easier said than done and we say we have no time but while we are saying we have no time, bemoaning the fact of no time to anyone who will listen we have wasted precious moments we could have given to ourselves. Food for thought.

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