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Our 8 week course is designed to help you to reduce stress, improve sleep and your overall well - being. The course is tailored to your individual needs. You will receive reminders to practice, 1-1 support each week on line 30-45 minutes, access to my YouTube channel for practices, and recordings to your email. Each week we will review how the week has gone and tweak anything as needed. You will learn breathing techniques, gentle stretches, mindfulness and meditation skills too. Each course varies dependent on needs but below is an example of the 8 weeks. PLUS you can join the Wednesday on line mindfulness group each week at 7pm for free!

Discovery session is free!

Week 1- grounding exercises, body-scan

Week 2- breath work, progressive relaxation session

Week 3- breathing techniques, nervous system knowledge

Week 4- mindfulness, breath work, gratitude

Week 5- stretches, meditation

Week 6- stretches, breath work and exploring jounaling, boundaries

Week 7- focus on what has worked best so far and improve any skills as needed

Week 8- Tying the program together and a plan for going forward that works for you.

Go from wired, tired and stressed, to feeling more relaxed, sleeping better, having time for you and not feeling guilty about it, and an improved sense of well- being.

CONTACT for details Course pricing is on a sliding scale dependent on income.

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